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Why Hire or Become a Coach

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Pastoring a church for ten years I came to realize two key things about people:

1. Most People want to change. 

True.  They want to be more successful in their work.  They want to be happier. They want to be in better shape.  They want to lose the spare tire growing around their waist. They want to be better spouses, parents, and friends.  They want to be more loving and to have more love in their lives.  They want to quit tolerating the mess and become organized.  They want less stress and more peace.  They want to find and fulfill the central purpose of their life.   They want to be more faithful to God and to live with integrity.


2. Most people can't (and won't) change.   

They feel stuck and unable to change.  They repeat the same dumb, debilitating, and often self-defeating patterns. Their past becomes the best predictor of their future as they do the same thing in one work situation that didn't work in the other.  They take on the same jobs they did in the past even though they hated them and felt stuck the first time around.  They treat their kids the way their dad or mom treated them. They treat their second spouse the way they treated their first.   They tolerate what they hate and do what they wish they didn't do!

Some wise person once called the definition of insanity: "doing the same thing over and over expecting different results." 

But as those of us over five years of age now know, wishing is not a strategy for change.  (Even if it's "on a star." Sorry, Walt Disney!) Neither is hoping.  

And the truth is that many managers, pastors, workers, spouses, and friends still seem hopeless, and their promise to change feels like a farce. "They'll never change!" "I'll never change!" The result: Frustration. Discouragement. Despair. Dwindling returns on investment. Divorce. 

Yes, hearing inspirational messages and truth-filled talks, or sermons, reading great books (and blogs!), videos or CDs (MP3s) can be of some help.  (though I still speak them, write them, and subscribe to them) But truth be told, rarely do those things radically transform someone or empower lasting change.   Most of us cannot and will not change alone.  Most of our employees won't and can't.  Our spouses won't and can't.

The best predictor of the future... is still the past.... which feels Hopeless, right?   UNLESS...

You take action.... to change. You do these 4 things. 

 1. Assess or define your present reality. (what's not working, not optimal)

2.  See a clear picture of your desired vision or goal.   

 3. Address your snags, roadblocks, or "stinkin thinkin" getting in your way.

4. Create accountability so that you will no longer fall short day-to-day. 

Coaching combines elements of counseling, consulting, mentoring, and teaching along the way - but all for a bigger purpose: To empower you to become the best you!  To empower a team to reach its potential!  To come alongside those who want to change, but can't... yet!  To make the world a better place because people are better people, leaders are better leaders, workers are better workers, creators are better creators, spouses are better spouses and God followers are better God followers. 

So why hire or become a coach?

Hire one if you want to change something about you that's not changing on its own.  Hire one to get a clearer vision of a desirable future. Hire one because you'd rather pay a bit of money now to gain a whole lot of life now and far into the future.

Become a coach if you deeply desire to facilitate people's transformation... to develop people, to release people to change the world one dream at a time.  Become a coach because you're passionate and even gifted to help maximize people, teams, and dreams. 

If you haven't already, be sure to take the free "Is Coaching For Me?" assessment. It will give you a score on how much coaching is, or isn't, a great fit for you.

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