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6 Months of hands-on, “in this together” mentoring, equipping, and evaluating.

Our 5 Pillars and Practices Make This Work!


1. Spiritual Formation Foundation

2. The Mentor Coach Relationship


3.  The Coaching Accelerator Community 


4. The Proprietary 3 Book Transformational Coaching Curriculum 


We work through a step by step method as outlined in the proprietary process and series as outlined in The Coaching Transformation Series of Books: 

Book 1. Transformational Coaching: Unlocking Your Best Life and Discovering Your Soul's True Potential

Book 2: The 8 Coaching Habits: How to Coach Everyday People into World Changers


Book 3: The Thriving Coach: Using A Proven System to Grow a Coaching Business That That Transforms Lives. 


5. The Transformational Coaches Toolkit


4 C's of Coaching


Your journey as a coach



Transformational skills and practices​



Your inner coach


How to build a business by being yourself!

We'll Show You How

To Build Your Successful Coaching Business and Attract Coaching Clients Who Can Afford Your Fees

We will work through the 10 -Step Coaching Business Building Process


1. Personal Story--- How to share your transformational journey so clients and potential clients connect.


2. Purpose-Driven Mission---The Value Proposition You Deliver


3. Primary Niche--- Identifying Your Ideal Clients


4. Premium Package---Communicating What you offer your best clients


5. Pricing Approach--- Knowing How to Create Significant Value


6. Personalized Marketing--- Sharing Your Message in “the age of intimacy”


7. Partnering-Oriented Sales--- Caring Enough to Sell Yourself Effectively


8. Powerful Enrolling Sessions---Helping Them Find Their Fit


9. Passionate First Sessions---Getting Started on the Right Foot


10. Positive Grit--- Taking action and staying committed

Attract Clients You Want to Work With

​​Get The Results You Want

Set Your Own Schedule

Impact People's Lives

Get A Free Strategy Session!

Interested in any of our services here at We Train Coaches? We'd love to chat! Sign-up for our complimentary strategy session today. 

Let's get coaching!

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