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Unlocking people to discover and engage their
God-given callings and full potential

Imagine your life if you were no longer held back by what’s been missing. To confidently know, you're exactly where you were meant to be


As coaches, we help our clients do exactly that: we bring together the intersection of spiritual growth, overcoming hurdles, and fulfilling your destiny.  Our coaches utilize a framework based on the 8 Coaching Habits, which is the centerpiece of WTC coaches. We combine many years of active coaching and a training process for our coaches that is powerful and personalized. Our coaches are the best in the industry. Our goal is to coach everyday people into world changers.

Learn to Lean Into Your Calling


Our Coaching Method Helps Recenter Our Clients with a Focus on Reconnecting with God and Finding Your Purpose in Him.


Everything That's Good, Starts with a Healthy Soul.  Recentering Your Focus will Allow You to Have Energy for Your Purpose.


Empty Goals End Up with Aimless Purpose.  We'll Help You Redefine your Goals that Give You Purpose and Restore Your Soul.

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Let's get coaching!

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