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Jeff Caliguire


I had NO idea what my degrees in "Government" and master's in "Systematic Theology" would help me to do other than I was somewhat interested in the topics. And I was the son of a business owner from New York City and was encouraged to go into the "family business." (paper)


Instead, I helped found a church in the Boston area and pastored it for a decade... loving the people, yet at the same time felt like I was a "fish out of water" in my work and my life!


Burnout, depression, and relationship struggles weren't on my top list of "success principles" nor was the failure to address the constant uneasiness in my soul!

Becoming a professional coach for entrepreneurs and those in life and career transition in 2001 saved my life in multiple ways. It connected me to my real design and to my desire to be engaged in meaningful entrepreneurship, business, and life-on-life relationships.

Since that time I have co-founded and led Convergence Point Coaching and written more than 6+ published books that help people unlock their truest selves.  I have worked with hundreds of incredible clients since then, from CEOs who grew companies that gained national recognition and awards, to people who "retired" to start their "heart businesses," and to moms now able to work flexibly and make an income and an impact.  I have developed countless tools for my coaching and used them to help those I coach find the clarity and confidence to do what they were made to do... and even get paid to do it! 

Passionate About Transformation Through Coaching!



Melissa’s passion for transformational coaching is shaped by her desire to make an impact in others’ lives and her deep joy in helping people come alive to their own unique design and calling. 


She loves helping her coaching clients uncover “newness” on their own journey, resonating with these words from Frederick Buechner: The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.


With a heart for connecting meaningfully with others and seeing them thrive in their God-given purpose and vision, Melissa especially enjoys leading weekend events for women, empowering them to discover more of their personal identity, values, and mission. 


She eagerly champions wholeness in mind, body, soul, and spirit, finding fulfillment in being a companion alongside those who are hungry for a more abundant life.


Melissa holds a degree in communications from Taylor University and received her coaching certification through The Coaching Transformation Academy. Melissa has been coaching since 2014, also bringing 15 years of ministry experience serving both large and small organizations.

Passionate About Seeing People Come Alive! 

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Dana Roscoe

Communications Lead

As the Communications Lead, Dana manages the development and public relations for the We Train Coaches program. She is your go to gal for all media requests and she seeks to build positive relationships and experiences between CTA and partner organizations. 

Dana is also a transformational life coach who is passionate about helping people craft intentional life stories for God’s glory.


When years of a meaningful, but stressful, career path led to burnout, Dana discovered a new way of purposeful living through working with a coach. Now, she supports others in pursuing their audacious dreams while caring for their body, mind and spirit in the process. 


Her joy is to help people clear the noise and simplify the steps to create a life narrative that sets their heart on fire.She cares deeply about seeing people set free from who they think they “should be” and instead, embrace their authentic voice and ambitions.

Dana has a degree in political science from the University of Kentucky and received her coaching certification through Coaching Transformation Academy. 


She has spent the past 10 years in the social work field, with an emphasis on serving survivors of human trafficking in government and nonprofit settings. She has had the privilege of helping launch two residential aftercare programs for survivors and build strategic partnerships to support them. She continues to be an advocate for this resilient population.


Originally a Midwest girl, Dana currently lives in beautiful Idaho with her husband, Brian. Her soul sings in the mountains and her next goal is to get a sweet, snuggly dog that can become a hiking companion. 

Dana enjoys the creative outlets of writing and speaking where she shares about her faith and lessons learned along the journey.

Passionate About Crafting Stories!

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