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The world is full of people who need your experience and expertise, but starting a successful coaching business can feel overwhelming. As a former pastor and 21- year veteran coach, our Founder and Lead Coach, Jeff Caliguire’s passion for spiritual formation and seeing coaches succeed in business brings about a unique combination. 

When I became a coach almost twenty years ago, the number of coaches in the world was counted in the hundreds. Though I learned under the true fathers of modern coaching, I felt like it was a huge leap from a recognized career and job into this infant thing called “coaching.” People would ask, “What sport do you coach?” “Ah… welllllll”


But, when it comes to BOTH becoming a great coach AND building a coaching business I felt pretty much all alone.  And as my wife Mindy has said, “There’s a difference between the transfer of information and transformation.”


Therefore, to learn to coach transformation, you need to experience coaching, that’s well, transformational, right? Over the years, I’ve watched many gifted coaches fail or just limp along. They had powerful things to offer but didn’t thrive. And for years, one of those coaches… was me!


After working my tail off to make it, I realized some things that made coaches able to coach. And it’s what led me to both succeed as a coach and dream and ultimately create a BETTER WAY to train, certify and fully prepare coaches to succeed in changing the world – one person at a time.

How We Equip You...

Get clear on your personal purpose and plans as a coach


Grow your capabilities to coach individuals and organizations


Gain the courage and assurance to know you have what it takes to coach

Learn how to start and launch your coaching business
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“I’m feeling really equipped! We Train Coaches has given me everything I need to coach and lead others to transformation. I couldn’t imagine any other route that could have done a better job getting me there!”



When I was transitioning to a new chapter of ministry, I realized I wanted to get more training as a coach for people in their journey. A friend recommended We Train Coaches and the opportunity to work with the founder Jeff Caliguire. After meeting with Jeff, I knew he had the experience, skills and wisdom I needed. I am loving the one on one and group training I am receiving. It is a perfect fit for my vision and mission of seeing people living extraordinary lives in ordinary ways.”


“We Train Coaches has been one of the best investments I have ever made! I was able to take the knowledge and experience that WTC provides and start a company that allows others to live into their passions and reach goals that they have always dreamed of. I would recommend the We Train Coaches program to anyone who is interested in becoming a coach. This is not simply a certification. WTC provides the needed skills and practices for running a successful coaching company, being a competent coach, and providing as much worth as possible to you AND your clients!"



"We Train Coaches helped me find my burning passion in my coaching niche, then get clarity on how to turn that into a coaching business."


"We Train Coaches helped me find my burning passion in my coaching niche, then get clarity on how to turn that into a coaching business."


"Jeff Caliguire and We Train Coaches really helped me see I can coach others and gave me the tools to do it. Jeff’s the real deal and his passion to help coaches is obvious"


I was attracted to WTC because it was Christian-based coaching certification. After talking with Jeff in a discovery call, I knew his guidance and leadership would transform my view of coaching. 

WTC has impacted not only me but my coaching business. With the information Jeff has put together in his coaching series, I can lead in confidence. 

The biggest reason I recommend WTC, is the full effect of this program, it not only equips you to lead with integrity in your business, but you are being led in a graceful, Godly way also. Jeff and WTC has been the biggest blessing since joining. 


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