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Why Coaches are Today's New Spiritual Leaders

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

There's no shortage of information. But that's not enough. There's still terrible disengagement, depression, under-performance, and the spiritually dry and empty places of worship.

Some years ago, I read these words from business guru Ken Blanchard, and they immediately stopped me in my tracks.   He wrote,

"In my travels, I find that most people today are restless and hungry to get ‘into the game' and experience the deeper meaning of their lives…."

Then he concluded by saying, "They just don't know where to start."

Wow! "They just don't know where to start." Pretty sad, right? At the time, Blanchard's words articulated my chronic sense of "something missing."  I wanted deeper meaning but wondered if I needed to settle for "Buck up little camper. Sometimes life's just hard!" 

I couldn't escape it. I honestly still hungered for meaning. And I started to realize I wasn't alone. In my travels and personal chats with men and women as a pastor at the time, I discovered others were hungry too. 

Sure, there was a lot of great literature out there to help on topics of purpose, spirituality, and all that.  Great talks from preachers (I even hoped I was one!) and the Tony Robbins and Dr. Phil of the world.

But I found it hard to find a legitimate place to start. A safe place to move ahead and make a change. …. Until now!

There's good news. No, it's excellent news! Today there's hope for the kind of transformation and place to engage the deeper meaning Ken Blanchard said was missing.

Since the '90s, there's been an emergence of a whole new kind of person with a specific calling, focus, training, and expertise.  
They're called "coaches." 

Coaches are the new spiritual leaders in the world today.

That's right. As a coach, you encourage and empower change for individuals, families, companies, churches, cultures, and, even countries. Honestly, in ways, I didn't even do as a pastor.

You bring hope they can experience more profound peace and change. You help them transition from stuck to free. You offer ways to radically improve businesses, careers, health, relationships, and financial situations. 

By coach, I'm not talking about sports types (though they change lives too!) I mean those who coach life, leadership development, health, career transition, relationships, and soon even soul care. (stay tuned!) Coaches offer hope that turns goals into reality, transitions people to new levels of productivity, and also make destinies attainable. 

In a world hungry for the experience of transformational purpose, not just the concept, coaches unlock that.

1. Coaches help stuck people get unstuck.

2. Coaches help those without a vision or dreams to discover them.

3. Coaches help companies struggling with cultures of dissension, constant turnover, and disengaged employees change that.

How? Well, that's where the spiritual element of the coaching comes in. And it relates to something my wife Mindy said while speaking to an audience in Denver last winter. She said,

"There's a difference between the transfer of information and transformation."

I fully agree! There's no shortage of information. But that's not enough. There's still terrible disengagement, depression, under-performance, and the spiritually dry and empty places of worship. 

What's been missing is that human dimension that great coaches now offer. It may be why today coaching is the second fastest growing profession on the planet! And coaching can be transformational. 

Coaches bring extraction, not just education. They major in empowering applications, not just sharing more information. They extract visions and dreams in people and companies. They extract the best thinking, creativity, and opportunity.  They help break the fear and toxic emotional junk.  

Can you imagine a world where more people are coached to achieve what God put them on this planet to achieve?

Can you imagine the entrepreneurs who succeed when coached by those gifted and equipped? That's what gets me excited! 

Well, what do you think? Might you be a coach at heart? Or might you be open to coaching or bringing coaches into your organization or church?  Might you see yourself coaching entrepreneurs in third-world countries? (Yes, that's a thing!) 

If you've read this far, you're somewhat interested. OR maybe this is you! You just may be called to work with a coach OR become a coach yourself.  Or if you already are a coach, build a business around coaching. 

Are you open to exploring that question: "Is Coaching for me?"

If so, I created a simple complimentary assessment called "Is Coaching for me?" It will take you about two minutes, and you'll get instant feedback.  

PS. If you've read this far, my guess is you resonate with this concept. Either as a coach or as someone ready to integrate authentic spirituality into your coaching. Sooooo... here's my offer. I'd like to invite you to do a complimentary - no obligation - Coaching Strategy Session with me where we will explore your coaching vision and how to "go pro" so that many, many benefit! Just LINK HERE and set it up on my calendar!

One other thing! Check it out! At least take the "IS COACHING FOR ME? assessment and see.  Here's the link: CLICK HERE:

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