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How to Grow CONFIDENCE that Changes Cultures (5 Lessons from Coach Prime)

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Since living in Colorado, I’ve attended almost every Colorado Buff’s spring football game. It’s typically sunny with a few polite fans sprinkled through the stadium.


It was sold out and I was left out in the cold!

On a cold, gray and snowy day in Boulder, last year’s 1-11 Buffs attracted 47,277!!

SOLD OUT days in advance! Broadcast live in ESPN! Long lines for the hot dog stands! People snarfing CU gear left in record numbers!

The official attendance shattered CU's previous spring game record by nearly 30,000 and was more than the Buffs' last nine spring games combined.

“I’ve never seen this type of energy. This is the spring game, remember, a scrimmage,” said one spectator.

“It’s unbelievable. Coach Prime has exceeded everybody’s expectations. I think a lot of people knew, including me, that if we could get him here, the buzz would be back. I don’t think anybody imagined this — even in your wildest expectations.”

Truly, people were talking about canning the whole football program at CU just a few months ago and hoping athletic director Rick George would be the next to be fired! 1-11… Hard to get m much worse.

What changed!!?? (Even before the season starts!)


New head coach, Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders, is known for his legendary career as a professional football and baseball player. HE PLAYED BOTH SPORTS AT THE SAME TIME!

AND Sanders is also known for his charismatic personality and unshakeable confidence both on and off the field.

Do you believe that one CONFIDENT COACH transforms a flailing program and culture? Sanders did it first at Trinity Christian School in Cedar Hill, Texas, then Jackson State University, and now at CU. Hoping he isn’t snatched by the Jets or even the Broncos!

When Coach Prime showed up this fall to take the reins of the CU Buffs, he stated boldly and memorably… I’M COMIN!! And to his dazed and confused team…. “WE COMIN!”

In other words, things are about to change here!


Is Deion Sanders just a freak of nature??

OR are there things that apply to HOW OTHER COACHES WILL TRANSFORM CULTURES in companies, churches, communities and even nations?

Can we ALL learn something? Can other coaches grow their confidence, step up to new levels and transform cultures?

OK, spoiler alert, I believe they can! And I believe confidence can be intentionally developed… especially in AND by coaches.

Here are 5 factors that make Sanders a CONFIDENT COACH (How do they apply to you?)

1. Natural Talent

Deion Sanders was gifted with incredible athletic abilities from a young age. He was a multi-sport athlete in high school and excelled in football, baseball, and track. His natural talent gave him an edge over his opponents, which gave him a lot of confidence.

OK, so you may not have that in sports… (Most don’t... at least at Sander’s level) But you do have natural talents in other areas… you may not even know just how gifted and talented you really are in

  • Communicating

  • Inspiring

  • Organizing

  • Envisioning

  • Connecting

  • Strategizing

  • Etc.…

Coaches should identify their strengths and how they can use them to help others.

Do you know what your natural talents are? When you do, it grows your confidence.

2. Hard Work

Although Deion Sanders was born with natural talent, he also worked incredibly hard to hone his skills. He spent countless hours practicing and studying the game, which helped him become one of the greatest athletes of all time. His hard work gave him the confidence to perform at the highest level.

And you too can do the work to grow into a great coach who can train others! Even if you have the skills to coach (be sure to take the “Is Coaching for Me?” assessment), you will need to grow your abilities and PRACTICE.

The more a coach practices, the more confident they will become. Coaches can practice their skills with friends or family, join coaching groups like We Train Coaches, or work with a mentor to build their confidence and skills.

Are you open to doing the hard work? When you do, it grows your confidence.

3. Education and Training

Deion Sanders worked closely with several notable coaches throughout his career, including Bill Belichick and Tony Dungy. It is likely that he learned a great deal about coaching and leadership from these experienced coaches. Furthermore, Sanders often spoke about the importance of mentorship and guidance in his life.

Learning the necessary skills and techniques required for coaching is crucial to building confidence. Taking classes or courses, reading books, gaining a coaching certification or most importantly, being mentored by a transformational coach makes can provide a solid foundation and grow your confidence to coach!

Are you open to adding the education and training to your coaching? When you do, it grows your confidence.

4. Success

Deion Sanders has achieved a great deal of success in his career. He won two Super Bowl championships, was named to multiple Pro Bowls, and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame. His success has given him a lot of confidence in his abilities.

And…. YOU TOO have succeeded! You’ve attained things, overcome hurdles, and possibly led in other ways. Suggestion: List your successes to date. My guess is you’ll be reminded, surprised, and even inspired!

Are you open to realizing your own successes?

5. Positive Mindset

Deion Sanders possess a very positive mindset and believes in himself and his abilities. He often talks about the importance of having a positive attitude and mindset, which has helped him overcome challenges and achieve success. He also links to his faith and is unapologetic in encouraging others to do the same.

Mindset matters! And here’s the good news! You can change your mindset! Yes, it will take work and intentionality, but being a great coach is worth it, isn’t it??

Are you ready to up your game around mindset?? When you do, it grows your confidence.

Natural talent. Hard work. Education and training. Success. Positive mindset.

Which ones will you focus on now?

There are other teams, cultures and communities that need such coaching!

With you and for you,

Coach Jeff


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