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How Coaching Skills Will Transform Education

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Most education and training apply very little “deep practice.”  Very few opportunities to practice, improvise and make mistakes. 

In his fascinating book, Coyle delves into the mystery of why certain places become talent beds compared to other places in the world. Brazil in soccer. A one-court tennis club in Russia. A small music school in the Adirondacks.

His finding is that “deep practice” makes all the difference for fast growth and results. It’s intentionally creating the opportunity to solve problems in real-time. Another way to phrase it is to create “laboratories of improvisation.”

Most education and training apply very little “deep practice.”  Very few opportunities to practice, improvise and make mistakes. 

“Deep practice" is when we focus on learning certain skills and actively repeat things over and over, even while making mistakes. Actually, especially while making mistakes. As Coyle discovered, the opportunity to make mistakes is what makes progress happen at lightning speed.

The lack of “deep practice” is why most of us are in a bind. If we were in the middle of a flight over water and the pilot was to say, “We have an emergency. Please put on and inflate your life vests,” we’d panic! No matter how many times we’ve heard, 'Place the vest over your head. Fasten the buckle around your chest. Pull on the red tabs to inflate…,' we’ve never done it! “How do I buckle this?! What are these red tabs?!”

But… what if we were to practice putting on that vest before the flight? Even just once?

OR… how many times are we introduced to someone and they tell us their name? Seconds later, we can’t remember their name! Why? We haven't practiced! We haven’t repeated their name and lodged it into our consciousness!

And this is why so many “good schools” and training turn out mediocrity.

AND why coaching skills bring something that can transform lives and produce skills in leaders, lovers, and creators in days or weeks!

Our brains are not recording devices. But when we practice:

thinking through scenarios

overcoming challenges

making mistakes

having to share your “ahas”

going through sales scenarios

We grow! We get better… quickly!

Even though I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in my coaching, it’s still just a tiny fraction of what I paid for traditional education. Yet, what I’ve quickly learned in my leadership and growth has been beyond amazing.

As I coach, I now employ deep practice… to unleash greatness.

Having a client who’s a public speaker give her talk to me before she shares it with the audience. Don't you think she’s MUCH more prepared to speak?

Having other clients do a “mock interview” and rehearse with me before going to their “big interview.” And though they're nervous at first, they are MUCH more prepared.

Having a leader in network marketing rehearse his vision to our coaching MasterMind group and get feedback on how he handles objections and "pushback." 

No, most schools and training groups aren’t beating down our doors to learn coaching skills to create greatness in record time…. YET.

But, the wise ones will. And more and more wise educators will get coaching and learn to coach to be able to create amazing teaching…in record time!

Coaching makes a difference in record time!

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