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Boosting Your Brainpower: How to Grow Your Vocabulary in 30 Days

Updated: Aug 17

by Jeff Caliguire

You’ve probably heard it said, “Leaders are readers and readers are leaders.”

Here’s something else… great leaders tend to have a robust and ready to use vocabulary.

OK, I get it, 30 days can only get you so far …

But if you’re motivated and realize that you can improve quickly … and adroitly even!

DO NOTE: I have no reason to be braggadocious… I was literally the guy possessing the slightly less than flattering nickname in high school, “Dumb Jock.”

And…. I just thought it was because I was a good athlete… Hmmmmm.

So, if you’re ready to do grow your vocabulary, you need to first be able to access higher quality words right at the tip of your mind and be motivated to do so…

JK Rowling wrote,

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.”

There’s magic to be added to how you:

Think and communicate with more color!

Share your thoughts with others by choosing more powerful words. Do so without fumbling or using the same word repeatedly. (I was tempted to use “again and again” or “over and over” but caught myself : )

Here’s some motivation: Those with greater vocabulary will be more likely grow greater wealth.

While vocabulary is just one skill to grow your net worth, your diverse vocabulary can contribute to a professional image of intelligence, competence, and credibility.

  • People who possess a strong vocabulary are often perceived as knowledgeable and well-educated.

  • Critical thinking abilities and can solve problems from multiple perspectives.

  • You possess more verbal tools to negotiate a deal, pitch ideas, or present proposals,

  • Your ability to use precise and persuasive language can lead to better outcomes.

  • Also, your greater adaptability allows you to adjust your communication style to different audiences and contexts.

As we read in Proverbs

“Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before obscure men. “(Proverbs 22:29)

Basically, growing your vocabulary can help you be more equipped to lead your field and interact at a higher level.

Erudite people raise to higher levels more naturally since others appreciate their subject matter knowledge.

How then, Jeff?

Here are some tips I’ve encountered.

1. Seek to meet new words each day like meeting new friends.

You can't build up a vocabulary if you never meet any new words. And to meet them you must read. The more you read the better.

When you notice one you haven’t met or only slightly know, say it back to yourself. “Antithesis.” “Circumspect.” “Meticulous.”

2. Choose to use a new "stretch word" when writing or speaking to someone.

Sure, they may think you’re odd when you use words like “anachronism,” “egregious,” “hubris,” and “oxymoron” and “obtuse,” and they may consider you pretentious and but your growing dialect instead of typical jargon may release a growing deference for your verbal competence.

3. Read great books instead of social media before going to sleep

It’s tempting to read Instagram and Twitter before bed, I get it. But, instead put down the phone and pick up a well written book. Let your mind fill with eloquence and wisdom instead of ego and the arguments.

4. Finally –if you’re up for the challenge - here’s highly suggested book to get on Audible. Listen to each chapter it again and again.

Dan Strutzel is known for his work in the field of communication skills, leadership, and personal growth.

His book: "30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary." (This links to Amazon)

Each day it introduces and reinforces great words in the arenas of persuasion, interpersonal relationships, science, philosophy and more.

Get it and you’ll thank me some day… or you’ll emphatically thank me because you’ve become more conspicuous because of your lexical versatility and prowess…

With you and for you,

Coach Jeff

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