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5 Strategies to Choose When Choosing Overwhelms You

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Whether you see our world as heading for an abyss of economic downturn and political destruction –

OR on the verge of a new age of breakthrough and prosperity one thing is true –


The choices you make enable you to:

  • Thrive.

  • Succeed

  • Bring Value and Make Money

  • Create an Impact

  • Really almost anything!

The challenge for most

Choosing what to say “YES” to and what to say “NO” to can be challenging.

Especially if you are gifted and do have options. (Which we all really do have… whether we know it or not.

And the most important piece of equipment in this CHOSE thing is NOT outside of you. It’s your own mind. It’s where transformation starts. (See Romans 12:2!)

After study and working with many in this area - I whittled it to 5 Simple and Strategic Action Steps to take to make the dang decision! (Whether you have 1, 5, or 500 options!)

They spell CHOSE : )

1. Clarify Your Superpower (s)

God had given you gifts and experiences unique to you. Do you believe that?

When making what seemed like a huge decision I was once told by a mentor (who’s now a world class coach himself)

“Don’t do what others can do and will do. Do what you uniquely can do, and others can’t or won’t do!”

In other words, do the work to know where your genius lies and consider that. Recognize the moments in your life and leadership when you felt like you were in the zone. In the flow. When were you “used by God” and successful in the past?

What can you do that others can’t or won’t?

2. Heal Negative Fears

Let’s face it. When we’re HALT (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired) we make dumb choices.

Addiction recovery groups taught this for many decades. (Add to that “hurried.” If you feel rushed, you may act out of fear.)

Yes, don’t be foolish, but if FEAR lurks below the surface, it WILL affect your emotional state and can cause you to see things as if through a blurry lens.

What do you need to do so fear isn’t the lens you’re looking through?

What would you choose if you weren’t afraid?

3. Operate From Values and Vision

Stephen Covey nailed it when he taught the habit, “Begin with the end in mind.”

Having coached hundreds of people making huge decisions, I’ve seen that most haven’t done the work to get clear on these vital tools that make decisions making much easier.

  • Know your top 5 or 6 personal values.

In basically, what's most important to you? (Not what "should" be. What really matters to you?

  • Gain a clear vision of their best case scenario future

Your vision will include what the Bible calls “the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4) --- which starts with “delighting yourself in the Lord” by the way.

When you get clear on your authentic vision, it has a way of pulling you toward the future and making decisions along the way much easier.


It’s possible to be blind to the very options and opportunities we may have staring us right in the face. This may include:

  • People who can help you

  • Needs you can fulfill

  • Ideas you’ve been sitting on (and not acting on)

  • Strengths you’ve been squelching

  • Invitations you can respond to

We too often miss "the acres of diamonds" right in front of us... and choose to go looking for diamond mines in far away places.

What opportunities are right in front of you that you need to look at and act on?

5. Express Your Choice TO OTHERS

There’s a super powerful thing you can do once you choose… and its one of the simple secrets that makes coaching so effective.

Just tell one other person… (or more) what you’ve decided.

The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) did a study on accountability and found that your chances of completing a goal:

  • Increases to 65% if you tell someone about your commitment.

  • Raises the odds to an amazing 95% if you have a specific meeting with your accountability partner.

WOW! Right?!

Who will you tell? What will you tell them?

With you and for you!

Coach Jeff

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