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10 Ways To Know If You Should Consider Coaching

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Since the word "coach" comes from the old term referring to a vehicle or "buggy," it's about helping people get to where they need to go. From "here." To "there."

When some people find out that I coach if they don't then ask, "What sport?" I will often hear something like, "Huh. I've considered doing that."

In the past few weeks, at least five people have shared their interest in the idea of coaching for themselves... either as a full-time vocation or as something they do on the side.  It made me say, "Huh, maybe I should write a blog on that."  (my way of processing... or neurosis...  : ) )

Yesterday, one of those asked me, "Why did you become a coach?"  Last week, another person asked, "How should I know if coaching is for me?"

So, this morning I jotted down some things to consider:  10 ways to know if you should consider coaching.

And when I say "coach," in this context I am talking about professional leadership, life or business coaching.  Or, could even be coaching people spiritually.  Coaching entrepreneurs.  Coaching people in careers or just helping them get through seasons of adversity.  Possibly coaching teams or even moms!

Since the word "coach" comes from the old term referring to a vehicle or "buggy," it's about helping people get to where they need to go.  From here, to there.

So, see if these resonate with you... or how many resonate.

1. You see an enormous gap between people's potential and their reality... and it bugs you. You want more for them!

I often tell people, that if it bugs you, it just might be God's Spirit telling you might be called to help do something about it.   Why does it bug you?

2. You've experienced the power of coaching yourself and see the difference it made.

That's often the impetus.  Your life, leadership, or livelihood is changed and you think, "Wow!  I would want to help others this way!"

3. You have paid for, or would pay for, your coaching.

I have come to realize that if someone hasn't paid for it themselves, they haven't seen the value or experienced the difference it makes in their commitment to their growth. Besides, it would be difficult to charge someone else for coaching someday if you have not been willing to pay for it yourself.

4. You naturally coach already.

You  find yourself seeking to help people maximize their opportunities or get from "here to there."  Other people naturally want your help and trust you.

5. You would coach for free.

In other words, it's a passion for you and not a way to make an income.  If you had all the money in the world and didn't need to make an income, you would still coach.  And it's likely that to become a coach, one of your first steps will be to coach some people for free for a while.

6. You could take people's money for your coaching.

You would do it for free... however you realize that you can keep doing more of it by charging for your services.  AND you could see believing enough in your coaching gifts and abilities and belief in the power of coaching to have people pay you.

7. There's a niche, or a few niches, you would most love to serve.

The most effective coaches don't coach anyone with a pulse.  Instead, they hone in on a very definable niche they would love to serve, empower or transform.  Niches can include entrepreneurs, CEOs, those who've gone through a divorce, those in career transition, pastors, those who struggle with ADD, etc...

8. You listen well and can learn to listen even better.

The number one skill of great coaching: active listening.

9. You don't get tired of people's stories.

Creating a place for others to share their stories (and see God, themes, or possibilities) in their stories can change their life.  And yours!

10. You read on, attend seminars or actively earn about leadership, motivation, or personal growth and share those ideas with others.

Or even better, blog on those things!

Well, what do you think?  Are you a coach?

Great coaching can change the world.  Starting with changing just one person and empowering one leader to fulfill their destiny.  If coaching is for you, now may be your time!

Want to go deeper? Be sure to take the "Is Coaching For Me?" Assessment?


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