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10 Spiritual Mistakes I Made Leading My Own Business

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

What’s a spiritual mistake in leading a business?

Well, it’s “spiritual” when it’s associated with your deepest self and is larger than you– your greater whole, not just your outward strategies, results, or circumstances.

It's a "mistake" when it's misguided and wrong.

So, yes, in 22 years of coaching and leading a coaching and training business, I’ve made some HUGE mistakes. But today is a new day and I share these for myself and for any open to hearing and learning from my mistakes.

Here are 10 Spiritual Mistakes I Made Leading My Own Business

Not in order of importance (Choose the one or ones that most apply to you)

1. Not Ruthlessly Eliminating All Hurry

It’s been said that hurry is not a disordered life but a disordered heart.

At the route of our hurry is the belief that we don’t or won’t have enough… time, money, energy. Whenever feeling rushed, know you either need to stop and plan your year, month, week, or day… OR you’re not living in serenity in the moment. Growth happens when you are present and full… not lacking and striving.

Stop. Breathe. Enjoy the moment. Today is the best day yet!

2. Tolerating ANY Fear and Anxiety

When you feel jittery, tight with clenched jaw, taught, it’s actually a spiritual issue. You can’t lead and serve clients well when any fear or anxiety remains present. You won’t make wise decisions. See fear and anxiety as pain that needs to be healed and not something that just goes with the job.

3. Not Having a Morning Routine for Soul and Mindset Health

To eliminate hurry, worry and all that comes along with it, having a spiritual morning routine is a game changer! It’s not a “nice to.” It’s a “have to.” Decide on, grow in and practice a morning routine.

4. Comparing Self and Business to Others

Comparison does nothing good! And you don’t need to be like them, better than them or need to prove yourself.

5. Not RESTING and Taking REAL Days Off

God established rhythms and sabbath for a purpose. When you lead your own business, guess what? No one’s gonna force you to take downtime and time off. It takes faith. And it’s what brings life! Plan for rest. Schedule vacation. Schedule spiritual retreats.

6. Not Continually Investing in My Own Coaching

Don’t “save money” by not having a coach! Even if you wonder if you have time or money for coaching, when you invest in your growth, things happen you couldn’t have imagined! Your own coaching helps you get to where you’re going faster, more effectively, more peacefully and less expensively.

7. Not Hearing My Spouse

Yes, they too are affected by the ups and downs of your business… and they may be fearful and not always right. However, your spouse sees you and sees things you don’t. Tune in to their perspective.

8. Not Knowing and Leaning into My Best Gifts and Bringing in Others

Don’t try to be a jack of all trades and master of none. Be a master of what you do best and build a team of others who are awesome at what they do!

9. Taking “No’s” Personally

Not everyone will work with you, nor should they. Trust their “no” once they understand what you offer and trust that God will bring the right clients who will say “yes” because they absolutely need what you offer.

10. Not Seeing God as Jehovah Jireh (The One Who Provides)

God provides for your business just as he provides for your daily bread. Celebrate and thank Him when funds flow in and even when they don’t. God is your provider.

These are mine! Feel free to add some of your own or comment below!

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