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[VIDEO] How Can Deep Pain Lead to Passion?

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Does passion matter?

When they learn I've been coaching people seeking to engage purpose and passion, I've had more people than I count tell me, "I'd LOVE to follow my passion...

... HOWEVER, I'm just not sure what I'm passionate about!"

OR "I'm not sure I EVEN HAVE A PASSION!"

In a recent episode of the Beyond the Crucible podcast with New York Times Best Selling author, Warwick Fairfax, I shared my aha that led me to believe most people CAN know their passion... and into coaching 21 years ago in the first place.

I KNOW they can... IF they have a way and the commitment to do it.

In working with hundreds of leaders seeking to unite and bring more passion into their work, I often see the connection between their deep joy AND their deep pain. "Might your deep pain (even what bugs you) be a clue to your passion?"

Here's a short clip from that episode and below is the LINK to the whole episode on Libsyn and the LINK on Apple


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