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Lead by Coaching! (Video!)

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

When I became a coach in 2001, hardly anyone had heard of it! "Coaching??" I used to get the "What sport do you coach Jeff?" thing all the time. Most assumed football, wrestling, and boxing. Something violent, I think!

Today. coaching is the second fastest growing profession on the planet... and for good reason. Coaching has proven to propel growth, effectiveness, and productivity. It's now a core of startups, corporations and entrepreneurs, and even non-profits and churches.

In this video, I share a bit of WHY I LOVE COACHING AND COACHES and want to help the right people succeed in using it in business or making it a business!

To take the free "Is Coaching for Me?" Assessment, CLICK HERE

The questions I find people considering becoming coaches or utilizing coaching as part of leadership include:

  • How do I create credibility with those that may be potential clients?

  • How do I get clients?

  • Can I do this part-time?

  • What does it take to make this a business?

  • What training do I need?

Feel free to share your questions in the assessment!

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