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[VIDEO] How to Leave Work That's Not Working

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

One of the most challenging things to discern involves the question: "Should I leave this work that's not working?" "And how can I be sure to move to a better place or find a job I can love.... especially if that feels like somewhat of a risk?"

Click Below to watch the video where I address this topic.

Welcome to Coaching Transformation Academy! Are you ready to use your gifting and take your work to a whole new and purposeful level!?

You can start in July and gain a 35% discount on your tuition to become a Certified Transformational Coach! So, now’s a great time to join.

I'm convinced that coaches are today’s new spiritual leaders!

And CTA is committed to raising an army of coaches who powerfully integrate the spiritual as part of coaching the whole person…. Full time. Part-time. Or part of churches, organizations, and companies!

Coaching is the work you would never retire from… or do during retirement! You get to provide meaningful AND life-changing work to individuals, and organizations or as a way to give back to people all over the world!

Here’s what you will gain by being part of CTA (Coaching Transformation Academy)

Here’s what you will learn

• How to unlock your own best life and discover your soul AND vocational potential (It starts with you!)

• Learn what makes coaching transformational – not just informational

• Understand the neuroscience of coaching

• How to integrate the soul and the spiritual life into your coaching

• How to achieve your goals without giving up or burning out.

• The power of coaching with CTA’s “8 Coaching Habits”

• How to thrive as a coach and build a business you love by being fully you.


Here’s what you will receive

• Your own PERSONAL (twice a month and one on one!) mentor coach time (not just another recorded program) sessions. (Most coaching is more caught than taught!)

• Regular (2 times/month) gatherings with a tribe of coaches for learning and sharing best practices.

• Personally designed program (not one size fits all!)

• Plenty of tried and true effective coaching tools

• An INCREDIBLE community of like-minded coaches (You will be connected! Not alone!)

AND NOW… You will also receive the NEW and just released (and exclusive to the CTA program) Coaching Transformation Academy 3-book series.

TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING: Unlocking Your Best Life and Discovering Your Soul’s True Potential

"Transformational Coaching “allows you to dig deep” and reflect with questions and exercises. This creates a “mind-renewing” transformational experience; so much more than a book that only attempts to transfer information. A “must-read” for anyone even slightly interested in coaching others after coaching themselves." Melanie Rodgers, Professional Musician, and Creative Coach.

THE 8 COACHING HABITS: How To Coach Every-Day People into World Changers

"The 8 Coaching Habits is the "must have" resource for anyone serious about coaching and affecting positive change in the lives of their clients. This book took me to a new level of adding value through coaching. A real game changer!" Stan Moscrip, Co-Founder of Aspen Connection.

THE THRIVING COACH: Using a Proven System to Grow A Coaching Business That Transforms Lives

"The Thriving Coach is the third step in a three-step plan to becoming a transformational coach. It is full of practical advice on how to get your burgeoning coaching practice off the ground and into profitability. From defining your niche to signing up your first clients, Jeff walks you through the process of becoming a successful coach that makes a profound impact on the clients you will lead!" Gill Richard, President of The Leveraged Effect

What Others Are Saying About CTA

"As a new coach, I felt overwhelmed with what steps to take to start getting clients. The Coaching Transformation program gave me the confidence and clarity to move into using my greatest skills and passions for helping others find theirs." Dylan Hall

"The Coaching Transformation Academy helped me find my burning passion in my coaching niche, then get clarity on how to turn that into a coaching business." Terrie Knoll

Next Step!?

Explore the key question, “Is coaching for me?” “And if so, how?” OR contact me to dive right in!

Set up a “Big Shift” (I want you to possibly coach me Jeff!) or “Coaching Strategy Consultation” (I would like to consider becoming certified and transformational as a Coach through CTA.

Here’s the LINK to get right away so you can still qualify for the July opportunity!

I promise you the complimentary session will serve you and help you gain clarity on whether CTA is for you or not! : )

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