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Releasing Limitless You (Moving Beyond "Broken Brain!")

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

The human brain has 100 billion neurons, each neuron connected to 10,000 other neurons. Sitting on your shoulders is the most complicated object in the known universe.” Michio Kaku

If you could swallow a pill that could supercharge your brain, make you focused, smarter, and continually motivated to learn the second you took it, would you?

That’s what the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper was all about. A super pill that unbinds his "other 90 percent” of brain power and energy.

What if you can do that without a pill? (Keep reading!)

A limitless you is the you you've tasted.... and want more of. It casts aside inaccurate and restrictive self-perceptions.

Like Bradley Cooper in the movie, a "limitless you" would involve the ability to cease your ups and downs, mood swings, self-defeating mindsets, lack of follow through or focus... and feeling of having what can be called “broken brain syndrome.”

Having coached hundreds of people in the last couple of decades to uncover their deepest motivated abilities and often wade through to find their most celebrated achievements, I realize this:

Almost every human being has some clear experience of the limitless them!

And almost everyone alive has huge potential to improve – even in 2020!

But, how? And how can it last?

Especially when everyday life hits. Fatigue. Critical people. The loss of a relationship. Client challenges. Bills due. Working a job that drains you. Getting undermined in leadership. Feeling alone.

I get it! Life can be downright rough on our brains! Limitless…?? That can feel like a pipe dream!

Growing up, I felt like I felt anything but! “Dumb.” “Slow.” “Too stupid.” My brothers were the smart ones.

I was the kid in preschool locked in the stall of the ladies’ room because I couldn’t stop crying and screaming for mommy. (You think I might have some baggage??)

In grade school, I worked to sit in the back seat of the classroom so I wouldn’t be called on. Then I was voted the “class flirt” since I was passing notes to the girls!

One of the “smart kids” in high school branded me “dumb jock” and I accepted that as truth. I wore it as my badge… and as my excuse.

Later, a doctor branded me as “ADD,” “ADHD” and “dysthymic” (a nicer word for depressed, I later learned). He prescribed me a wad of pills to take each day.

My miracle: I don’t need those anymore… and I no longer see myself with those labels. My brain doesn’t feel slow or underperforming anymore. I don’t take a single prescription pill.

After working with my coaches, then almost two decades coaching others, I’ve come to realize just how possible it is to move from a “broken brain” to a limitless brain.

* IF you have the right mentoring.

* The right mindset.

* The right motivation.

If so, I just want to share TWO key paradigm shifts that helped (and continue to help) me and those I work with:

1. Stop letting school interfere with your education.

Much of our schooling may have assumed we were already motivated.

The curriculum assumed we would be motivated by learning subjects for which we didn’t sign up. We would be motivated by grades. Motivated by the fear of failing. Not wanting to displease our parents.

And we sat in “one size fits all” classrooms.

I’ve got to say. I enjoyed French fries… but still have bad dreams about failing Ms. Willens’ final French exam.

What aspect of your schooling demotivated you instead of firing you up?

Maybe you were a genius… .in the wrong environment.

2. Find your true focus and deep purpose and unleash the limitless you that authentically desires to learn.

When you tap into what you care about most and find the way you want to learn about it, you get to be part of the actual neuroscience that transforms the “Who needs knowledge” to “Gotta get more of it!”

You change your brain!

The key was tapping into the learning I cared about. It fits me. It freed me. I’ve seen it so many times now!

Purpose and learning are intimately connected!

But you need to know the purpose behind the learning. What knowledge would you LOVE to have that you didn’t get from your education?

How would you love to learn that?

* Reading?

* Traveling to hands-on learn it?

* Being coached or mentored?

* Researching?

Of course, the limitless you isn't perfect. However, the limitless you can free you from old mindsets and move you towards what you previously thought improbable or even impossible.

Do you believe most people have incredible brain power yet to be released?

What if many more people were to discover the purpose that would focus their best learning?

What if you did??

What do you think?

I’d love to hear from you! Just reply to this.

Have a great and limitless week!


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