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Coaching Certification


Ready to use your coaching gifts to transform lives, livehoods,
build leaders and create an income doing it?

We'll Show You How

To Build Your Successful Coaching Business

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Attract Clients You Want to Work With


Get The Results You Want


Set Your Own Schedule


Impact People's Lives

Our 5 Pillars and Practices Make This Work! 


1. Spiritual Formation Foundation

Sheer willpower, information and desire alone don't work nor sustain change. Deep work and transformation require getting at the core of what makes us human: the heart, soul and identity. At We Train Coaches, we teach the processes to awaken body, mind and soul. We coach to unlock their best life and discover the soul's true potential. 

2. The Mentor Coach Relationship


To truly succeed as a great transformational coach, more is caught than taught. Therefore we provide one to one learning, role play and experience with an experienced mentor coach. 


3.  The Coaching Accelerator Community 


Coaches thrive and grow in a community of other coaches. Doing this TOGETHER makes all the difference. Therefore, we offer the “Transformational Coaches Accelerator” as part of the process where we learn, interact, share and inspire each other.  


4. The Proprietary 3 Book Transformational Coaching Curriculum 


Not all coaching creates transformational results. Therefore, we work through a step by step method as outlined in the proprietary process and series as outlined in The Coaching Transformation Series of Books:

Book 1. Transformational Coaching: Unlocking Your Best Life and Discovering Your Soul's True Potential

Book 2: The 8 Coaching Habits: How to Coach Everyday People into World Changers


Book 3: The Thriving Coach: Using A Proven System to Grow a Coaching Business That That Transforms Lives. 


5. The Transformational Coaches Toolkit


Just as in any profession, the right tools make a huge difference! Therefore, you will have Transformational Coaching Tools and toolkit. 

6 Months + of hands-on, “in this together” mentoring, equipping and evaluating.

We Are


Let's do this!

Let's Change Lives Through Coaching! 

When I became a coach almost twenty years ago, the number of coaches in the world was counted in the hundreds. 


Though I learned under the true fathers of modern coaching, I felt like it was a huge leap from a recognized career and job into this infant thing called “coaching.” People would ask, “What sport do you coach?” “Ah… welllllll”


But, when it comes to BOTH becoming a great coach AND building a coaching business I felt pretty much all alone.  And as my wife Mindy has said, “There’s a difference between the transfer of information and transformation.”


Therefore, to learn to coach transformation, you need to experience coaching, that’s well, transformational, right?


Over the years, I’ve watched many gifted coaches fail or just limp along.


They had powerful things to offer but didn’t thrive. And for years, one of those coaches… was me!


After working my tail off to make it, I realized some things that made coaches able to coach. And it’s what led me to both succeed as a coach and dream and ultimately create a BETTER WAY to train, certify and fully prepare coaches to succeed in changing the world – one person at a time.

Okay! Sounds great! BUT HOW? 


Over the next few months, you and we are going to work TOGETHER to build, or rebuild,  a passion-fuelled, difference-making, change-life-oriented, and monetizable online and/or in-person coaching business.   We will go through our "4 C's of Coaching".

CLARITY (Your journey as a coach)


This element of your coaching involves a deep dive into you! We will focus on getting clear on


  • Your motivated abilities

  • Passions

  • Proficiencies

  • Vision

  • Values

  • Soul Practices

  • Habits of Hope

And more…


COMPETENCIES  (Transformational skills and practices)

We will take a deep walk through the proprietary COACHING Competencies


  • Connecting Presently

  • Opening Opportunities

  • Assessing Inventory

  • Clarifying Reality

  • Healing Negativity 

  • Increasing Necessity

  • Narrowing Activity

  • Gaining Accountability


We will also train and practice ways to

  • Create 90-day goals - Address soul snags  - Utilize Metaphor and SimileAccess Story


CONFIDENCE (Your inner coach)


There’s no good being equipped to coach, even being a great coach, if your mindset holds you back. As you will also see as you coach others, helping them overcome challenges and fears is not a small part of coaching, it’s central. With that in mind, we will work together to rapidly, but effectively address any mindset issues that will keep you ineffective in coaching or building a business.


Together we will address what holds you back in


  • Body

  • Mind

  • Soul

  • Finances

  • Choosing Positivity (Habits of Hope)

  • Releasing negative self-talk

  • Overcoming fear of rejection

  • Intentional soul care

CLIENTS  (How to build a business by being yourself!) 


We will work through the 10 -Step Coaching Business Building Process.


1. Personal Story--- How to share your transformational journey so clients and potential clients connect.


2. Purpose-Driven Mission---The Value Proposition You Deliver


3. Primary Niche--- Identifying Your Ideal Clients


4. Premium Package---Communicating What you offer your best clients


5. Pricing Approach--- Knowing How to Create Significant Value


6. Personalized Marketing--- Sharing Your Message in “the age of intimacy”


7. Partnering-Oriented Sales--- Caring Enough to Sell Yourself Effectively


8. Powerful Enrolling Sessions---Helping Them Find Their Fit


9. Passionate First Sessions---Getting Started on the Right Foot


10. Positive Grit--- Taking action and staying committed

Get in touch and let's do this! 

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