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Jeff Caliguire


Becoming a professional coach for entrepreneurs and those in life and career transition in 2001 saved my life in multiple ways. It connected me to my real design and to my desire to be engaged in meaningful entrepreneurship, business  and life on life relationship.

Since that time I have co-founded and led Convergence Point Coaching and written more than 6+ published books that help people unlock their truest selves.  I have worked with hundreds of incredible clients since then, from CEO's who grew companies that gained national recognition and awards, to people who "retired" to start their "heart-businesses," and to moms now able to work flexibly and make an income and an impact.  I have developed countless tools for my own coaching and used them to help those I coach find the clarity and confidence to do what they were made to do... and even get paid to do it! 


Melissa’s passion for transformational coaching is shaped by her desire to make an impact in others’ lives and her deep joy in helping people come alive to their own unique design and calling.


She loves helping her coaching clients uncover “newness” on their own journey, resonating with these words from Frederick Buechner: The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.


With a heart for connecting meaningfully with others and seeing them thrive in their God-given purpose and vision, Melissa especially enjoys leading weekend events for women, empowering them to discover more of their personal identity, values, and mission.


She eagerly champions wholeness in mind, body, soul, and spirit, finding fulfillment in being a companion alongside those who are hungry for a more abundant life.


Melissa holds a degree in communications from Taylor University and received her coaching certification through The Coaching Transformation Academy. Melissa has been coaching since 2014, also bringing 15 years of ministry experience serving both large and small organizations.


She’s honored to be part of the CTA team, coaching others to flourish as transformational coaches!


When she’s not coaching, Melissa is often found exploring the world with her husband Dan and pursuing a life well-lived in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. She finds joy in outdoor adventures and international travel, chasing beauty with camera in hand. She loves cultivating friendships and will never turn down a good cup of tea.