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A Place of Restoration and Inspiration

Whisper Ranch

The Epic Rocky Mountain Location Where We Train Coaches Gathers and Grows… and Where Leaders Come to Life!

Dream Shed Porch .jpg
Dream Shed Porch .jpg


Whisper Ranch, located in Boulder Colorado, is just what coaches and leaders need so desperately right now! 


Filled with epic views of the Rocky Mountains, Whisper Ranch was founded in 2019 by Jeff and Mindy Caliguire as a place to bring leaders to life.


It was particularly created to train coaches to become today’s new spiritual leaders and offers a facility that utilizes the transformational coaching approach in its retreats and gatherings and provides coaches a dedicated space to practice transformational coaching in an incredible and visionary setting. 


Whisper Ranch is situated on over 26 acres of breathtaking land and, though minutes from downtown Boulder and less than 45 minutes from the DIA airport and downtown Denver, it offers a true Rocky Mountain getaway… and you will feel far away in this tranquil location.  

Dream Shed and People .jpg


Having experienced their seasons of extensive leadership responsibility in both church and corporate America, and even burnout, Jeff and Mindy created what they longed for themselves: a nature-filled retreat where they could get still enough,  breathe and even sense God’s voice through a “gentle whisper.”  (I Kings 19:11-13) 

Far too many leaders, including coaches, are or can become burnt-out emotionally, struggling morally, and lacking the vision to serve today’s fast-paced and fast-changing landscape. 

Though many claims to be hungering for personalized, life-altering experiences, such venues and approaches remain sorely lacking.


The Caliguire’s felt a need for a new kind of training and disruptive that brings new ways that go beyond the


● Academic model of development

● Conference model of gathering

● Informational method of learning


Significantly, Whisper Ranch is set up to offer coach-guided retreats, one on one and personal retreats practicing a form of retreat that refreshes body, mind and soul.

Dream Shed and People .jpg
Young Life Men Leaders .jpg
Young Life Men Leaders .jpg

Core Values

Whisper Ranch’s four core values:


·      BEING – We offer space to soak in the majesty and beauty of the mountains and breathe deeply without hurry, interruption, or rush. Being is about identity, about rest, about “enough.”

·      BELONGING – We welcome journeyers into friendship and community where they can freely share themselves and be accepted and loved. Belonging is about to welcome, about hospitably, about forgiveness, and about the work of reconciliation.

·      BECOMING – We inspire hope to live fully into the purpose that flows from identity. We encourage the naming of God-given dreams, we explore the realm of desires, we work through the grief needed to transition from one season to the next. Becoming is about purpose, dreams, and desires, about risk-taking, goals, service, and faith.

·      BLESSING – We understand the power of words to bless. We intentionally bless  the guests who gather here, and we extend blessing to all who come into touch with this effort. Blessing is about the generosity of spirit, vision, hope, and being others-focused

Whisper Ranch is centrally located in the US.  It's situated less than 45 minutes from Denver International Airport.  Regionally,  the location is 30 minutes from downtown Denver, 10 minutes from the University of Colorado, and 15 minutes from the thriving business community in downtown Boulder.

Book Your Stay At Whisper Ranch

As a coach, especially those trained by or involved with We Train Coaches, you can choose opportunities for


  • Personal and coach guided retreat for yourself.


  • Participate with other coaches in experiential and hands on coach training and mentoring


  • Rent space for group, Mastermind and one on one coaching in this epic location. 


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The Vision

House and Barn.jpg

This is Only the Beginning

Future Facility Features:

●  Seven Bedrooms, two bunk rooms, four full bathrooms, and 2 half-baths

●  Can sleep seven couples, and up to 25 individuals

●  Gathering space indoors for 40+; outdoors for 70+

●  Large kitchen facility, great room, and patios overlooking the Flatirons optimized for gatherings

and views

●  The barn will expand gathering and sleeping facilities

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